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Developing Future Scholars Workshop

College planning today... for tomorrow's professionals.

4 things you should know!

• The financial aid formula

• The most essential criteria for college selection

• How to apply for scholarships for your student

• How to graduate with little or no student loan debt

College Planning Today

For Tomorrow's Professionals.



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Developing Future Scholars offers your family a progressive approach to achieve the ultimate goal of securing a professional position on or before graduation in their chosen field, with little or no student loan debt. 


Do you know the financial aid formula?


Do you know when to start the financial aid process?


If you answered no to one of these questions. You will get caught in the student loan trap!


You could have been living well with multiple properties and a robust investment portfolio, or you can be living paycheck-to-paycheck and barely financially afloat, and still be told that you make too much money to qualify for financial aid.  

What is the financial aid formula?  What does it mean to my individual household?  Lack of knowledge is the main reason students are not successful in receiving adequate funding.  The financial aid formula is a major component of college funding, second only to school selection!

What is a parent supposed to do? Become a member of the DFS Family. You will receive the “What Every Parent Needs to Know Before Filling Out the FAFSA" booklet. You will learn what the high school counselor may not know to tell your child other than, “Go online!". After going online, you may still be uncertain of what you are doing. You will also receive "The 12 Steps to College Success" e-book. This will empower you to become to financial aid what your tax preparer is to income tax. You will know what to expect to receive from the college before you chose. The information in The 12 Steps to College Success will inform and empower you and your family with the information to avoid the student loan trap.

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Developing Future Scholars Twelve Steps to College Success


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