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Dr. Kimberley A. Turner


Dr. Kimberley A. Turner is a native of Colorado Springs, Colorado but lives in Washington, DC.  She is the Program Manager for the Occupational Safety Health Statistics Program at the D.C. Dept. of Health and an Associate Minister at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Largo, MD.  Dr. Turner is a graduate of Howard University where she obtained a Ph.D. in Organizational Communication. She earned a Master’s of Divinity Degree from Wesley Theological Seminary.  Dr. Turner believes the ability of individuals to work effectively in groups and organizations is influenced by the way in which authority is vested and how responsibilities for leadership and followership are assumed.  As an Ecumenical OD consultant, she assists churches and faith-based organizations in addressing challenges that threaten the health of their institution.  In these times of increasing political complexity, economic uncertainty and spiritual warfare in a global economy, faith based organizations are not immune from problems of authority and authority relations. As such it is critical that these organizations understand the significance of the various roles, tasks and boundaries of the institution and that individuals examine the impact of their roles and how they intersect with authority and leadership within organizations and communities.  Dr. Turner believes it is essential that effective communication takes place between and among the various roles for the sake of the healthy nurturance of the community of faith. This communication is guided by the direct source of communication which is the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Turner is the proud parent of John-Terry B. Turner and daughter-in-law Gnivri and grandparent of three loving grandchildren, Dominique, Miel and Christopher.


Educational Background: 

  • Howard University; Ph.D., Organizational Communication

  • Wesley Theological Seminary; Masters of Divinity

  • Howard University; M. Ed. Educational Administration

  • The Colorado College; B.A., English

Current Employment
Program Manager; D.C. Department of Health

Maria- Teresa Long


Maria-Teresa Long is a retired educator.  She has been fully involved in educating students on the high school and elementary levels.  She entered the education field as Director of Guidance in the Kinloch School District, a suburb outside of St. Louis, Missouri. She held this position for seven years prior to moving to the Houston metropolitan area.  She had a brief stint in the insurance industry but was called back to education. She continued as a Guidance Counselor in the Houston Independent School District, later moving on to Magnet Coordinator, a position she held until retirement in 2012. She initiated the first elementary Premed Magnet Program for Houston ISD.

It has been her mission to help students meet their full potential and as an active member of Developing Future Scholars since its inception in 1990, she has had the pleasure of seeing students from all socio-economic backgrounds thrive under the mission of DFS.  Students that thought they were unable to attend college or unable to attend the college of their choice have matriculated and graduated to pursue careers in their chosen field.


Maria-Teresa is a graduate of Truman State University in Kirksville, Mo. and received her MA ED from Washington University in St. Louis Mo.  She is past President of Braes Bayou Rotary, past Board Member of St. Louis Urban League, a Howard University Fellow and Marquis Who’s Who. She is married and mother of five.

Kortne Erica Thibodeaux


Kortne Erica Thibodeaux is an educator in Spring ISD, with 13 years experience - the last ten of which are in Special Education. Kortne is the former Assistant to the Executive Director of Developing Future Scholars, Inc. during its matriculation.
She and husband of 7 years Jerald, have a blended family of 4 adult children. She enjoys volunteering, mixed media arts, and living a life of service.

Cynthia Harris


Cynthia Harris is a retired Financial Aid Administrator who served in the field for thirty plus
years. Her career background began with Sears Credit Customer Service as a credit Counselor
for eight years, two years with Banking and Technology schools, three years in Admissions,
the bursar department, enrollment department and as a call center assistant. She worked with
MTI Technology Institute for fifteen years as Financial Aid Manager funding over one thousand
students a year.

Ms. Harris served as Houston Community College (HCC) Central Campus Financial Aid
Administrator for fifteen years. She supervised a staff of twenty who assisted over twenty three
thousand students with funding to cover their tuition, fees and books. She also worked with the
Jump Start and TRIO programs that transitioned students from high school to college. The
admissions, counseling, business, veterans, career counseling, advisory, and Honors programs
allowed her to work with students to achieve their goals on and off campus.
Ms. Harris is currently working with senior citizens with resources concerning senior living
guidance - mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. Ms. Harris has been an integral force
with DFS since its inception in 1990.

Education: University of Houston, HCC, American Christian Institute and CHARRIS Theological
Institute Bachelor of Theology.

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