DFS starts preparation as early as the fourth grade. That’s right, the fourth grade! If you have a child in elementary school, congratulations on being ahead of the curve. When you complete The Potter Method, you will know the financial aid process, and how to select a school that will meet the needs of your child, both academically and financially.

Knowing the proper information is essential. Time is of the essence. Let’s say your child is well beyond the fourth grade. If your child is already a high school junior or a senior, when will they learn why they are going to college, the difference between a college and a university, and how to take care of their business? Can you and your student calculate their accurate GPA?


Overcrowding. Large class numbers. Insufficient time and staff. Lack of knowledge. All these variables are common ails of today’s education. You – as parents and accountable adults – must take responsibility for being the counselors that your children need. Knowledge is power. Although The Potter Method is not intended to be a children’s program, it can be applied by nearly everyone. However, The Potter Method is meant to empower you, the parent!


The information you will receive is in-depth and complete and applies to parents all across the United States. All families with students seeking higher education, desperately need this information. Total personal success in the modern-day higher educational process is a reality. It has always been a core DFS philosophy that this important information is readily available to average, everyday people like you. As a competitive nation, we cannot afford to lose students bursting with possibility, for lack of information. The lack results in the sacrifices of our children and spreads to all of our communities. If you follow the DFS plan that has been outlined for you, your child/student will obtain successful entry into college; in addition, they will be well on their way to a successful professional career.

Our Program

Through this innovative program, you will receive much-needed information in these critical areas:

Parental and student empowerment
Parental and student empowerment – what you need to do NOW to get your child ready for          college.
Choosing a career
Choosing a career – what you should look for in a career and where the information can be     found.
Selecting the right college
Selecting the right college or university for each individual – narrowing down the search to what   really matters.
How financial aid is awarded
How financial aid is awarded – knowing what colleges and universities will do for your child BEFORE you even apply.
Career infiltration techniques
Career infiltration techniques – landing that first professional position and how to negotiate salary upon graduation.
Ensuring workable solutions
These issues will be fully addressed, thereby ensuring workable solutions to problems prohibiting student success.
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12 Steps to College Success

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