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DFS’s Charles Potter and The Potter Method 

Houston, TX

“AWESOME!! I wish I knew all this when I was going to college.” 
-Brenda S., parent of a high school freshman 
Houston, TX 

All of the 12 Steps were very good. Counselors, teachers and principals can’t explain these things like Mr. Potter can.

I really appreciate him.” 
-Milton P., father of two high school students 
Atlanta, GA 

“Now I have information I NEVER asked myself and had doubts about. Thank you, Mr. Potter, for your time and information that many of us are ignorant about.” 
-Geraldine S., mother of a high school senior 
Aldine, TX 

Atlanta, GA 

Aldine, TX 

Philadelphia, PA 

“Wow! Eye opening, informative, and very interesting. I will share what I’ve learned with family and friends.” 
-Evelyn C., parent of three high school students 
Philadelphia, PA 

“I didn’t know much about college, but this presentation educated me a whole lot.” 
-Sabrina K., 9th grade student 
Houston, TX 

“Thanks, Mr. Potter. I have a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I am an HR Manager for one of the 
largest security corporations in the United States because of

you and The Potter Method.” 
-Chasity Y., former DFS student

Missouri City,TX

Missouri City, TX

Houston, TX

The Potter Method

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